melinda harvey

Everything Anything

Brief: Address EA Games’ image problem with a campaign event geared towards gamers.

Solution: EA Games has a reputation among gamers as a company that isn’t connected with its audience and creates uninspired and repetitive games. I came up with the idea of a game development conference that puts gamers themselves at the forefront of development and titled it Everything Anything (a play on EA).

For the visual language, I referenced the layouts often used in video game posters designed by fans for fans. For the color palette, I took the colors often used by EA games in their branding—red and blue—and used a more subdued version of them, pink and neutral blue, to give the imagery a more crafted and painterly feel. With the illustrations, I wanted to use imagery that felt familiar to gamers by evoking various fantasy and sci-fi tropes, but still read as original characters. The result is a visual language that feels familiar and engaging to gamers while also appearing crafted and refreshing.