melinda harvey

Woland Gin

Brief: Create packaging for gin that appeals to magicians. Write a fictional origin story for the product.

Solution: After finding that modern magicians are fans of the goth and fantasy aesthetic and that many of their illusions involve defying death or appearing immortal in some way, I crafted a story and visual language that appeals to both of these interests.

Woland Gin honors a fictional professor of black magic (his name borrowed one of my favorite Russian novels) who brews his own gin. One day, Professor Woland's latest batch of gin transforms him into a giant cat with the ability to never die. He tests his immortality repeatedly in public displays of self-execution and becomes a creature of legend. Woland Gin is said to be made with the same recipe as that which turned him into a giant cat.

This packaging went on to win first place in the Shillington NY Packaging Design competition and a GDUSA award. Yay!